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The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 1 2018

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Clues Answers
Accessory found in widespread donation ADDON
Act on move AFFECT
Address tag LABEL
Affirm one before five with shout of pain AVOW
Angler in the Gulf is her manager FISHERMAN
Antique OLD
Antique in Moldova OLD
Aromatic laurel CAMPHOR
Assert AVOW
Attached item ADDON
Bad directions, everyone returns to Welsh town LLANELLI
Badge left on the third man LABEL
Behave wildly LETRIP
Bloom-patterned FLORAL
Bold disobedience of French groom-to-be DEFIANCE
Cascade POUR
Casual attitude NONCHALANCE
Cheerio BYE
Clarified butter GHEE
Dainty model, little TWEE
Dispense liquid from the pump ourselves POUR
Clues Answers
Farewell noisy purchase BYE
Girl in untidy state displays parsimony MEANNESS
Girl left with blooms FLORAL
Go wild with triple explosion LETRIP
Guarantee ENSURE
Holder of light has bad accidents, about fifty, by end of week CANDLESTICK
Insert levers into businesses ENTERPRISES
Large hall CONCOURSE
Man naturally showing no compassion HEARTLESSLY
Material added when vacuous fool put on weight FLOUNCE
Miserly behaviour MEANNESS
Mythical creatures CENTAURS
Mythical creatures of Etruscan origin CENTAURS
Opposition DEFIANCE
Perhaps channel can contain zero relaxed attitude? NONCHALANCE
Prisoner on training session in large hall CONCOURSE
Quaint, cute TWEE
S Wales town LLANELLI
Speed zero in vehicle, essential oil needed CAMPHOR
Stamp, storm FLOUNCE
Taking heed of butter content GHEE
To make certain, follow around end of October ENSURE
Wax-tallow holder CANDLESTICK
Without feeling HEARTLESSLY