The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
Acceptance APPROVAL
Allure CHARM
Animal doctor collapsed near warhorse VETERAN
Automobile CAR
Bad headache MIGRAINE
Ballerina’s skirt TUTU
Best kept NEATEST
Chews and swallows EATS
Compare LIKEN
Compare to plants in conversation LIKEN
Concoct INVENT
Create popular outlet INVENT
Crime committed by beggars, once ARSON
Crude mixture restored health CURED
Dove’s call COO
Dutch cheese EDAM
Ex-serviceman VETERAN
Flat pasta sheets LASAGNE
Frank and journalist began OPENED
Given a new title RENAMED
He’ll bear out it’s a drinking place BEERHALL
Head of religion goes in to imagine awfully bad headache MIGRAINE
Healed CURED
Hole contained tiny retreating lapwing PEEWIT
It’s most orderly to dine in the home NEATEST
Italian food for angels, a strange concoction LASAGNE
Jam-setting substance PECTIN
Clues Answers
Lapwing PEEWIT
Large German pub BEERHALL
Large ocean PACIFIC
Made processed cheese EDAM
March round for a spell CHARM
Meander around, given new title RENAMED
Meet about close creative work FINEART
Music at party Ronald goes to RONDO
Nelson the feature writer? COLUMNIST
Newspaper writer COLUMNIST
Orange tongue? MANDARIN
Painting. eg FINEART
Peaceful area in the main PACIFIC
Poplar replanting involving state consent APPROVAL
Pyromania ARSON
RAC reassembled motor CAR
Removes top from cold cuts and consumes EATS
Repetitive piece of music RONDO
Short skirt for score draw, say TUTU
Small orange MANDARIN
Solitary person has vest on SINGLETON
Some inspecting preserve gel PECTIN
Some racer – the winner, surely CERT
Start varying narrow part of jumper VNECK
Sure winner? CERT
Surprised expression from business circle COO
Type of jumper VNECK
Unmarried person SINGLETON

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