The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 3 2018

Clues Answers
A little crude liver in food shop DELI
Acknowledge ADMIT
Ad lib? I’m sharp with first of umpteen IMPROMPTU
All but NEARLY
All but Nigerian leader to advance NEARLY
Altogether OUTRIGHT
Apart from BAR
Arab chief EMIR
Awful rumble over US city – use this for protection UMBRELLA
Christian sabbath SUNDAY
Clear the sailor must find the answer ABSOLVE
Collapsible canopy UMBRELLA
Completely dismissed? Yes! OUTRIGHT
Deciduous tree ELM
Endure LAST
Fancy food shop DELI
Fashion model glad to get first prize GOLDMEDAL
Final salt compound LAST
Foreign leader backs Frost EMIR
Clues Answers
Get the message and rip up in front LIPREAD
Good, competent US actor GABLE
Greasy plate smashed at heaven’s door PEARLYGATES
Heaven’s doorway PEARLYGATES
Hula ring HOOP
Ice-cream dessert is called for during weekend SUNDAY
Ignore my lot rearranging jargon TERMINOLOGY
Interpret mouth movements LIPREAD
Let in maid struggling with first of trays ADMIT
Niece’s brother NEPHEW
Off the cuff IMPROMPTU
Olympic first GOLDMEDAL
One in equal parts? HALFANDHALF
Primitive Mary I turned out RUDIMENTARY
Rebel sailor MUTINEER
Rebellious person, in the main MUTINEER
Saloon in Hobart BAR
Some viscous mud generates dirty mark SMUDGE
Style of roof GABLE
Tree visible in Helmsley ELM
Welcoming a non-critical match FRIENDLY
Who opposes inner band? HOOP
Write back and cut off family member NEPHEW

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