The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 4 2018

Clues Answers
109 keeping actress Greta in Havana container CIGARBOX
A nut nutty, real not English, unprocessed NATURAL
A Parisian in bar getting a number of drinks ROUND
A wicked source of light? CANDLE
Ammunition store ARSENAL
Assumes ADOPTS
Be sparing, putting a thousand in rubbish container SKIMP
Because of OWINGTO
Because of ingrowing toenail OWINGTO
Become tiresome, yet begin as a mate PALLY
Birthday-cake light CANDLE
Boring thing to pull! DRAG
Cause of hay fever POLLEN
Chilly spell COLDSNAP
Chromosome content to improve, on the whole GENERALLY
Chummy PALLY
Deliver diamonds in German city HANDOVER
Departure EXIT
Divide pears, eat chopped up SEPARATE
Finished with girl in Irish county DONEGAL
Fish has a thought IDEA
Foreword PREFACE
Gem is colour of a satellite MOONSTONE
Gourmet to make better mince pie first EPICURE
Clues Answers
Guard duty WATCH
Hip hop RAP
Iced gingerbread biscuit needed for chilly spell COLDSNAP
In Essex I take way out EXIT
Irish county DONEGAL
Knock golf score that’s on the up RAP
Learns a new cache of weapons ARSENAL
Melody MUSIC
Not artificial NATURAL
Note of the scale LAH
Observe vigil WATCH
Or gone away on pioneering Wild West Trail OREGON
Planted (seeds) SOWN
Religious service by night VIGIL
Salem’s state OREGON
Semi-precious jewel MOONSTONE
Smoker’s wooden container CIGARBOX
Sounds unpleasant to face MUSIC
South now destroyed and scattered SOWN
Spherical ROUND
Survey points to cause of hayfever perhaps POLLEN
Tallulah Bankhead holds a note LAH
Theory IDEA
Umpire in step with the book’s introduction PREFACE
Use too little SKIMP
Votes to accept post ad, perhaps ADOPTS
Watch US soldier in almost nasty surroundings VIGIL

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