The Sun – Two Speed – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
(Had) stitched SEWN
According to key TONAL
Accountant to steal Mediterranean tree CAROB
Administered a remedy when spoilt TREATED
Animal enclosure CAGE
Authorised OFFICIAL
Awkward INEPT
Balance out OFFSET
Blatant OVERT
Bugs belonging to groups INSECTS
Cabbage salad COLESLAW
Cable support PYLON
Carped about military police officer REDCAP
Carries or tolerates BEARS
Clergyman’s headgear, a bitter struggle? BIRETTA
Cocoa substitute CAROB
Contradicted GAINSAID
Counterbalance when away from the stage OFFSET
Cure, remedy ANTIDOTE
Dealt with TREATED
Deer horn ANTLER
Distressed copper upset plonk CUTUP
Egyptian desert SINAI
First of the swimmers moves unsteadily TOTTERS
Flies, beetles etc INSECTS
Clues Answers
Frank has done time OVERT
Genuine acceptance of three-second hearing RETRIAL
Gets assistance but it’s denied GAINSAID
Give in SUBMIT
He’s in charge, and that’s approved OFFICIAL
In a panic, a gerbil kept here? CAGE
Incompetent, in record time INEPT
Joined all the points SEWN
Judicial appeal RETRIAL
Learnt about part of a deer ANTLER
Like a computer a beginner takes to number DIGITAL
Member of the military police REDCAP
Number, for instance, in Bury INTEGER
Park throws out only tall supporter PYLON
Priest’s cap BIRETTA
Put on alcove section with a key TONAL
Puts up with animals BEARS
Style of clock DIGITAL
Teases youngsters KIDS
Tim takes bus back to surrender SUBMIT
Told about unpunctual daughter RELATED
Treated it with a noted cure ANTIDOTE
Vehicle finds another vehicle at onset of travels CART
We locals tossed salad COLESLAW
Whole number INTEGER
Wrongdoing witnessed by one round a Biblical mount SINAI
Youngsters KIDS

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