Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Jul 6 2019

Clues Answers ‘8 Mile’ rapper EMINEM 1040 org IRS Acid type AMINO Apiece PER Brink RIM Camera type SLR Canada’s capital OTTAWA Cassiterite, for one TINORE Chosen few ELITE Clark’s partner LEWIS Computer choice LAPTOP Constraint LIMIT DVR option ERASE Employ more employees UPSIZE Gets some shut-eye DOZES High hit LOB Hotel units BEDS Hounds’ …

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Clues Answers ”The Prince of Tides” actor NOLTE A question of procedure HOW Accused’s out ALIBI Arabian royals SHEIKS Barn baby, perhaps OWLET Beat it LEAVE Berry in some smoothies ACAI Biscotti flavoring ANISE Buying and selling TRADE Chain offering wordless assembly manuals IKEA Chestnut-colored horse ROAN Cloister residents NUNS Common mixer SODAWATER Computer animator’s … – Sep 27 2018 Read More »

USA Today – Jul 9 2018

Clues Answers ‘A ___ pittance!’ MERE ‘Bad Girls’ singer DONNASUMMER ‘Lethal Weapon’ series regular JOEPESCI ‘Lordy!’ in Liverpool BLIMEY ‘The ___ of Christmas’ (37-Down poem) EVE ‘Ulysses’ poet TENNYSON ‘What rotten luck!’ DARN A shortstop may cover it SECONDBASE Added zip to SEASONED Applies lightly, as perfume DABSON Assault on the eardrums NOISE Ballpark crowd …

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