BRAD – April 20 2019

Clues Answers ”AssemblĂ©e Nationale” complement SENAT ”Water pill’ brand DIURIL ”__ America”: Muhammad Ali IAM Advice before a big day RESTUP Art that can fluoresce UVTATTOO Artist associated with Mao and Marilyn ANDY Awaits business ISIN Beowulfian EPIC Caddies clean them GRIPS Carpenter’s chalk on a string SNAPLINE Cat once called a ”stubbin” MANX Chow … – April 20 2019 Read More »

USA Today – January 3 2019

Clues Answers ‘Beetle Bailey’ bulldog OTTO ‘Electric Avenue’ singer Grant EDDY ‘Great’ detective of kid-lit NATE ‘Hallelujah’ songwriter Leonard COHEN Air Force Academy mascot FALCON Amazon’s direction of flow EAST Any of the Simpsons TOON Apple Store purchases MACS Banderas who voiced Puss in Boots ANTONIO Bath’s river AVON Ben of ‘Roots’ VEREEN Best Comeback …

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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 3 2018

Clues Answers ‘Becket’ actor OTOOLE Archaeology find RELIC Assess RATE Ate greedily GORGED Big party BLAST Bird dogs SETTERS Bustles ADOS Cattle thief RUSTLER Chasing AFTER Clearly stunned AGAPE Cloth piece RAG Cuban cash PESOS Cut off ENDED Eastern ‘way’ TAO Easy run TROT Fencing move LUNGE Flowery shrub AZALEA Gofers GETTERS Good judgment SENSE …

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The Telegraph – Toughie – Jun 7 2018

Clues Answers Appetisers requiring more cutting on board STARTERS Apprehends, reportedly making arrest SEIZE Bank raised charge about European state again REITERATE Catch holding saw with its centre splitting mitre? HEADGEAR Chances secure with odds for the first time PROSPECT Circles tortuous unknown roads, not seeing openings TURNS Extricated snooker ball, gripping top of ‘snooker …

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