USA Today – April 5 2019

Clues Answers ‘Old’ Brit CHAP ‘Stop! Now!’ QUITTHAT ‘Swoosh’ company NIKE ‘___ Misbehavin” AINT 1940s-era jazz aficionado HEPCAT Acts bearish SELLS Algonquian tongue CREE Arena sound effects ECHOES Bass drum sound THUMP Blasts of wind GUSTS Brass instrument HORN Campus centers QUADS Cardiac surgeon’s replacement HEARTVALVE Cartoon scream EEK Chief exec after Harry IKE China …

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Irish Times (Crosaire) – Jun 8 2018

Clues Answers A preachy sort of short encore to elite group of celebrities MORALIST A trooper working with engineer OPERATOR Brief notes about ten lost souvenirs MEMENTOS Cleans up with endless horsey insider information and stops working TIDIES Compensate for the defects, as it is not in remedies? REDEEM Consumed medication, for instance, to get …

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