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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Feb 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A feeling for home schooling? INTUITION
Careless agent must accept cut SLOPPY
Ceremonial drink that is a snack TOASTIE
Course includes permit for game ROULETTE
Craftsman frames ‘Two Pennies for Fish’ TIDDLER
Design criteria for viewing aids SPECS
Dismissing head, secretly or in public? OVERTLY
Distress pine with no veneer ANGUISH
Doomed, but isn’t upset during action DESTINED
Escort always holding one back RETINUE
Explain and begin a journey SETFORTH
Financial problem of film actors’ union? NEGATIVEEQUITY
Hounds agitated, as horses may be UNSHOD
Inactivity of street without changes STASIS
Junior to follow one expected to lose UNDERDOG
Clues Answers
Leading Conservative delivers post UPRIGHT
Look around a ship for rope LASSO
Men to go topless — possible, and highly desirable ENVIABLE
Parking at last no different after delivery POSTNATAL
Penny-pinching drunk TIGHT
Period couch not right PHASE
Person whose creative interest is flagging? PAVEMENTARTIST
Primates set up fixed charge for divorce SEPARATE
Run over EXTRA
Scrap not even soldiers will have time for? ODDMENT
Slander when individual holds source of info ASPERSION
Stumped, after judge’s secret meeting TRYST
The newspapers joke about name for Shanghai PRESSGANG
Understand a line should be put under it displaying numbers DIGITAL
Upset, being drawn? GUTTED