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The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A dispute right off in public sale AUCTION
An early form of fuel? APPETISER
Bill with a cost largely obscured for sauce TABASCO
Combined chant after time passes INONE
Fantastic tenor and another briefly entering company, source of music CORNETTO
Firearm recoiled many times, used by investigator PISTOL
Flat, perhaps — small verbal joke that’s unsophisticated HOMESPUN
Get up with cold leg? CLIMB
Given command, soldiers act to overcome resistance ORDERED
Greek character gets straw matting for bird NUTHATCH
Grounds for believing study going into European depravity EVIDENCE
Lad must limit desire to be performer in theatre SURGEON
Launch posh car with final part not seen in public ROLLOUT
Lavish bill to be settled — about time LIBERAL
Clues Answers
Lord’s house that’s said to show style MANNER
Mechanical corrosion overwhelms old boy in charge ROBOTIC
Modify introduction to text lacking force TWEAK
None conceived of new-fangled burger, say CONVENIENCEFOOD
Place in military unit journalist holding award EMBED
Playwright encapsulating rogue fence BARRICADE
Precinct with one tree adapted for emergency facility? RECEPTIONCENTRE
Seasoned food served up in Lima — lashings! SALAMI
Senior officer and I hail RAF marches on manoeuvres AIRCHIEFMARSHAL
Shock coverage? HAIRNET
Slam troubled land embracing distasteful and ultimately obsolete emblem HAMMERANDSICKLE
South American doctor’s put by pass needed by old Scotsman COLOMBIAN
Stay with two bridge players in trip RESIDE
This writer pronounced batsman to be startling phenomenon EYEOPENER