The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
According to story, Dorothy and Albert are hiding behind a complex near Birmingham ANECDOTAL
and 3 Down: Dad and intercontinental mates transformed by this spiritual exercise TRANSCENDENTAL
Animal and bird in the borders of Labrador LEMUR
Chemical in multiple steroids ESTER
Concert supporting male PROM
Cover briefly taken by fellow who is a rebel? INSURGENT
Dad at home, someone hard to deal with? PAIN
English bishop with a twitch, uncertain in action ERRATIC
Enjoying freedom from jail in general ATLARGE
Expression of annoyance about graduate with desire to become playwright DRAMATURGE
Family member recovering finally managed GRAN
Head off right at the end of avenue AVERT
Indifferent when name comes up at the end of a course APATHETIC
King in humble abode distressed HURT
Norm, uncouth fellow meeting Her Majesty as leading figure STANDARDBEARER
Clues Answers
One is on top of something learned about in maths class NUMERATOR
Remark about quiet skill shown by a learner in different categories COMPARTMENTAL
Return journey is a hit HOMERUN
Russian royal once treating artisan badly TSARINA
Slated sort of building, dry inside, with colourful exterior ROASTED
Small drink with energy content that you may get at night time DREAM
Some bag-handler employed by military leader AGHA
Something jagged may be observed outside church NOTCHED
Support member in fight BEAROUT
This writer’s in garden, sitting in place, settling down Sedimentation
Traffic in rush around England’s capital TRADE
Troubles with ledge beginning to fall down ILLS
Ultimately bored by issue, resign DEMIT
Workers out of this world making telephone item HANDSET

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