The Telegraph – Cryptic – Mar 5 2018

Clues Answers
A news journalist under contract regularly added text ANNOTATED
Abuse something that cheers patient? ILLTREAT
Bring to mind agreement accepted by the First Lady EVOKE
Coffee ultimately follows wrong dessert TORTE
Country reportedly took action on article SUDAN
Creative person reduced stock INVENTOR
Do detective’s business DISCO
Dull terror with Republican replacing last Democrat DREAR
Final passage from programmer, reportedly CODA
Genuine backing over offer to sell plant LAVENDER
Ivan set out to find locals NATIVES
Landlord with brain printed paper LETTERHEAD
Lawrence has nameless ships DHOWS
Look up and study antique OLDEN
Modern Christmas? PRESENTDAY
Nervous on the border? EDGY
Clues Answers
Night out perhaps with daughter, 25 DATED
Offensive lout hangs about ONSLAUGHT
One defends Murray’s penultimate game point APOLOGIST
One’s more uncertain on this ground SHAKIER
Place for spectators to show off GRANDSTAND
Quiet auntie fabricated what’s seen in bed? PETUNIA
Rubbish close to house, ‘Two Trees’ EYEWASH
Rude about Verrocchio’s first bust INSOLVENT
Run section of haberdashery DASH
Spotted hack, maybe, playing blinder BRINDLE
Stopped reading mystery CLOSEDBOOK
Such as John Lennon display fit of temper in review AIRPORTS
Very good prices for those from Penzance? PIRATES
Vow to meet large star IDOL
Watch old boy produce an ace? OBSERVE
When students can be seen rattling tins, making music RAGTIME

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