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The Telegraph – Toughie – Feb 28 2018

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Clues Answers
… it may be about his present computer image: ‘Gin-soaked Wife’ GIFTWRAP
… turning up misdemeanour in exclusive Middle East setting, celebrate SOLEMNISE
Among the running deer he may gain a speedy advantage FASTBUCK
and 12: Letter Ruth redirected about book for him in 5 RHETT
and 2 Down: At heart, Carol’s worried for her in 5 SCARLETT
Contract Jobcentre at Yeovil — do it! TREATY
Dead from flatulence — that’s novel! GONEWITHTHEWIND
Disc with edge half-destroyed — these things don’t last EPHEMERA
Discover a crime without trace, unusually … ASCERTAIN
Don’t need to get involved in a row ENDTOEND
Farewell from Lancashire estate in 5 TARA
Fasten in place and push! PROPEL
For that reason, first European’s dropped ultimatum THREAT
Former husband on drink? Blow! EXHALE
Friar’s jaunt into candy store TUCKSHOP
Clues Answers
Game of pool I dropped out of — you, we hear, substituted? LUDO
Georgia’s wearing changed style in glee — such revelatory attire! NEGLIGEE
Grow apart from grand primate GAPE
Guy gets brother involved in ‘domestic’ … HOMBRE
Isle of Man? WIGHT
Manual trades’ criteria? GUIDELINES
Married a New York tenor initially — Henry’s son? You shouldn’t have! MANYTHANKS
Material irritated poodle’s paw — no suggestion of soreness APPLEWOOD
Pope’s digested pronouncements mentioning knowledge of guns? CANONLAW
Prodigy, currently growing up in Derby, trained with zero input BOYWONDER
Pull a pint regularly in Barnet? PLAIT
See 18 Across OHARA
See 24 Down BUTLER
Women having a way with patients WARD