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The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 1 2018

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Clues Answers
A help confining limits of blaze set? ASBESTOS
Apprentice about to turn very cool NOVICE
Broadcaster is known to protect star ASTERISK
Confirm it’s always same resort after vacation ASSERT
Derivation through assuming root’s European English PEDIGREE
Duty securing a trail withdrawing soldiers PARATROOPS
Feline shows craft sporadically trailing duck BOBCAT
Films area with troops in charge of retreats CINEMA
First the French in revolution supporting puritanical PRIMAL
Flirtation, getting diamonds out, leads to marriage ALLIANCE
Glass preferably filled by both taps? SCHOONER
Grand monkey enclosure erected housing ape finally IMPERIAL
Guy accepts sweetheart, after a fashion, turned plain NOTICEABLE
High spot seeing stocking support half raised GARRET
Clues Answers
House perhaps changing right to left for vote ELECTION
Joked audibly facing sex in buff PUNDIT
Keener winning, comparatively, following ace ACUTER
Menswear, thin, essentially covers indecency EARTHINESS
Pipes clink around chimney breast’s opening PLUMBING
Precarious easy job with popular promotion INSECURE
Proceeds to embrace darling grabbing large part INCOMPLETE
Record collection one lifted for fan DISCIPLE
Reportedly one eats spotted lizard DINOSAUR
Roses’ borders covered by cheese plants BRIERS
Select empty carton to hold stockings CHOSEN
Settles split taking a husband back INHABITS
Sinful, having no weaknesses, say UNHOLY
Starts to enlist new recruits on list, say ENROLS