The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
A biological group’s exact area TAXA
Around 1pm, block squirrel CHIPMUNK
Bend a hot pipe HOOKAH
Catch a US fraudster’s secret wife? HAUSFRAU
Cavers abandoned first pair to search abyss CREVASSE
Charlie’s light grip CLAMP
Cook drowned in boiling water IRRIGATE
Fan of old farming equipment EXTRACTOR
Gets to break up dirty old man’s fight GOAGAINST
Given one’s apparently sleeping, given a name BAPTISED
Grunt about facilities in northern house IGLOO
Habitual criminal runs enemy over, then guard REOFFENDER
Hell created by Elgar’s first puzzle EREBUS
Many drove to see part of China POTSHERD
One type of junction in the neighbourhood ROUNDABOUT
Clues Answers
Order parts for old wind instrument OBOE
Prospect of soldiers invading country PANORAMA
Pull or stretch SPELL
Reveal story about leaders of the Tories TATTLE
River — perfect river RHONE
Robber’s waistcoat with cuts BANDOLERO
Scottish Presbyterian announced strikes KNOCKS
Still over the moon when City’s lost STATIC
To convert drunk in bar used to be hard BRAINWASH
Turning over child, say ‘Here we go!’ GERONIMO
Want deposit — banking price raised SEEFIT
We should set about following new driver LETS
What a shame — line’s crooked AWRY
Wound that may affect fertility? BIOLOGICALCLOCK

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