The Chronicle of Higher Education – Oct 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Big’ chimer in London BEN
‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘For ___ a jolly good fellow …’ HES
‘___ Be Around’ (1963 Tony Bennett hit) IWANNA
1950s Wimbledon champ Lew HOAD
Adept ABLE
Attacks en masse, as a castle STORMS
Babyish whimper MEWL
Ballroom-dance maneuver DIP
Balls in a toy gun BBS
Bedside warmth, for short TLC
Brighter side of a Chinese duality YANG
Bygone Ford with a planetary name, informally MERC
Cap de ___-Espérance (promontory of l’Afrique) BONNE
Carson adventure with elements of Roald Dahl? FANTASTICMRKIT
Casino convenience, briefly ATM
Chanel competitor DIOR
Chip, for most of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ CUP
Cockpit reading ALTITUDE
Cut, as lumber SAWN
David who is baseball’s ‘Big Papi’ ORTIZ
Documentary of futility at Wrigley Field with a nod to Walter Matthau? THEBADNEWSCUBS
Evenings, in adspeak NITES
Extended operatic solo SCENA
Feckless boyfriends CADS
Fizzy fountain order with flavored syrup EGGCREAM
Foundational principles ABCS
Framer of a car’s wheel well FENDER
GI grub MRE
Going up ABLAZE
Hanoi’s continent ASIA
Hypnotherapy focus, maybe PHOBIA
In good shape SOUND
It might be a 4 Down at a hoedown BALE
Like a cellar-dweller’s record ABYSMAL
Like the Kazakh and Uzbek languages TURKIC
Lily-livered YELLOW
Lock up CLINCH
Move like hummingbirds FLIT
Net in bridal shops TULLE
Objective in musical chairs SEAT
Obligatory poker bet BLIND
Observes SEES
Out of balance ALOP
Personnel STAFF
Peyton Manning biopic whose title evokes Richard Harris as an adopted Sioux? AMANCALLEDCOLT
Philistine’s lack TASTE
Pinnacle ACME
Pipsqueak TWERP
Place to get pampered SPA
Pledge of Allegiance ender ALL
Professional org. once led by Charles Mayo AMA
Ready for the cargo hold, maybe CRATED
Ricelike pasta ORZO
Saunter AMBLE
Schumer or Sedaris of comedy AMY
Seagoing cooler? BRIG
Send in, as payment REMIT
Skirt above go-go boots, usually MINI
Some form-fitting suits SPEEDOS
Sra., on the Seine MME
Stick a toothpick in, e.g SPEAR
Story of Lassie’s early days directed by Lasse Hallström? MYLIFEASAPUPPY
Suffix with conspirator IAL
Tasseled hat TAM
Tasseled hat FEZ
Time-honored anecdotal wisdom LORE
Toilsome workplace, proverbially SALTMINE
Toward a boat’s wake ABAFT
Trash receptacle BIN
Trifling French coin SOU
Unlikely to be lenient STERN
Volcanic rock BASALT
Wyoming tribe members ARAPAHOS

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