The Chronicle of Higher Education – Sep 28 2018

Clues Answers
‘… with ___ a soul in sight’ NARY
‘A complete list would be overkill’ ETCETC
‘Anybody home?’ call YOOHOO
‘Marat/___’ (1963 play) SADE
‘Pac-Man Fever’ spot ARCADE
‘Same here’ IAMTOO
‘___ trucks on every corner’ (2016 election phrase) TACO
15-year presence in space MIR
Actress Long of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ NIA
Alpine holler YODEL
Amplifier setting TREBLE
An Einstein among swine? GENIUSBOAR
Area of rapid growth HOTBED
Authority-defying dare MAKEME
Brooding rock genre EMO
Burton or Russert TIM
Command-Z, on a Mac UNDO
Database at a cattle auction? THEOXFILES
Degree of separation REMOVE
Dept. in the social sciences PSYCH
Drops from above RAIN
Dunham of ‘Girls’ fame LENA
Durham sch UNH
Expel OUST
Facilitate someone’s date night, say BABYSIT
Fails to include OMITS
Fish served at a speakeasy? BOOTLEGCOD
Flavoring for German springerle biscuits ANISE
Founding member of the Byrds CROSBY
Fraternity P RHO
Further ELSE
Green lights OKS
Grokked GOT
Habitual CHRONIC
Hallmark of a tome HEFT
Hats, slangily LIDS
Hearten BUOY
Honor, in a way TOAST
Island in a Napoleonic palindrome ELBA
It goes downhill fast in winter SLED
Kinnear of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ GREG
Laudatory lines ODE
Lead story on Tennis Channel, often UPSET
Martin who wrote ‘The War Against Clich√©’ AMIS
Monogram associated with Mon Paris perfume YSL
Narrow waterway STRAIT
Outcome of ‘Free Willy’? ORCAVICTOR
Part of a car’s steering mechanism TIEROD
Pink bird in a blue state? FLAMINGOLIBERAL
Plot point in the 2017 film ‘The Big Sick’ COMA
Popular Belgian pilsner, informally STELLA
Portent OMEN
Present from birth INNATE
Producer of Aspire computers ACER
Put one’s finger on, in a way POKE
Queens’s ___ Field CITI
Seat of Montana’s Silver Bow County BUTTE
See 29 Down NASH
See 29 Down LAMA
Six Degrees of Kevin ___ (cinephile’s game) BACON
Springfield-to-Boston dir ENE
Streaming interruptions ADS
Struck (out) XED
Suffix with Potter or Trek VERSE
Vikings Hall of Famer Tarkenton FRAN
Wanton expression LEER
Washington ___ (NYC neighborhood on the Hudson) HTS
Wealth source in the 2007 film ‘There Will Be Blood’ OIL
Welcome center? CEE
Wet reaction to dry humor? SPITTAKE
Where many concertgoers are jostled MOSHPITS
With 40 Down, orthographically confusable priest in a poem by 50 Across ONEL
Word before piece or pastry PUFF
Words said while dusting oneself off, maybe ILLLIVE
Younger Obama daughter SASHA

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