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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 24,003 – May 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Mud in your eye’ coming up without a lot of speed for old dandy’s curls LOVELOCKS
Affection returned by amazingly true bird VULTURE
American money, very little of it, is focused CENTRED
Bill gets skin disease, reportedly from sea anemone ACTINEA
Chess player heard to do what Humpty Dumpty did to friend — some egg! TOPALOV
Commander getting information GENERAL
Hide 106 balls? COVER
Illegal bowler in controversy’s in the right THROWER
In 26 gaga characters acquire camels etc BAGGAGETRAIN
Jersey etc for primate slightly affected by smoke CIGARILLO
Lace reworked in suit by couple having love and money without sex appeal ACCELERATION
Material beat WORSTED
Minimal clothing might be partly starred GEESTRING
Moon-dweller’s destination, largely mistaken, backed by German setter NORWICH

Clues Answers
Old man deprived of all these years GRAND
Playing tie near course AINTREE
Put Matthews in England team as winder CAPSTAN
Queen finds river sternutatory ERRHINE
Russian plane attaining speed in a month ANTONOV
Solver’s in line for solvent ETHYL
Surprised at a mole having to do porridge OATMEAL
Tin treated for corrosion awaiting maturity, perhaps INTRUST
Tree sharing name with primate ROWAN
Ulster river in 12, not for the press NONIRON
Utopia in this time and place NOWHERE