The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,450 – Mar 7 2018

Clues Answers
Are rocks, therefore, like pottery? EARTHEN
Author of romances claiming page has English construction STEEPLE
Away from the estuary, excited motorist loses lead UPRIVER
Blue-green, large old vessel LOVAT
Cross Henry I appearing in Byrd composition HYBRID
Done being Pacino fan? ALLOVER
Ends up overwhelmed with glory, which is very sweet GOLDENSYRUP
Fail to progress sculpture GOBUST
Feeling common to language PASHTO
Finding composer’s taken to court VERDICT
Hairstyle covers very retro crew member BOSUN
Labour’s bound to reveal the exploitation business SWEATSHOP
Midas-like grip necessary to get rid of employee? GOLDENHANDSHAKE
No forward-looking scientist freely goes to an oil plant that’s nameless PALAEONTOLOGIST
Clues Answers
Nowt wrong with singular joint settlement TOWNSHIP
Nuisance Hardy appropriates pair of shorts HASSLE
Parrot house downsized after first signs of economy cuts ECHO
Political clique’s go-go fun — far out GANGOFFOUR
Prickly shrub’s stick pierced by sun GORSE
Put a stop to power plant’s strategy for bridge ENDPLAY
Retiring Kitty’s oddly shy, producing lamb’s ears STACHYS
Say euro is around about $1,000, gross EGREGIOUS
Scorn queen? Brummie would, with one fine-tuned clue RIDICULE
See 12 SOUP
Spooner could polish off this limerick writer, son, in a stroke! CLEAR
Stressed but having fewer wrinkles than you should? UNDERLINED
Women met with pre-arranged authorisation EMPOWERMENT
Worry, saying: ‘That will make a fine cut’ FRETSAW

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