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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,451 – Mar 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Drug arrest’ in dog Latin? CANNABIS
A headless whale keeping a number of secrets ARCANA
Capital of 15, mostly, getting turban adjusted ULAN
Chair duly arranged to be driven by liquid HYDRAULIC
Church painter, perhaps, or reformer CHARTIST
Concerning anterior part of flat iron dropping one off FRONTAL
Cop for fit that’s beyond remedy INCURABLE
Drink, in the old days, uplifted cartoonist CRUMB
Find new home for ambassador held up by wake REHOUSE
Good person keeps longing for container SACHET
Hardening Muslim leader receiving 100 — one hundred — a hundred divided by one CALCIFICATION
Have words with motorist of sorts, catching cold BICKER
Landlady’s army HOST
Litigant’s unsophisticated argument PLAINTIFF
Look hard, taking in 5, and go hungry STARVE
Clues Answers
Mark with sorrow, keeping Catholic back from crop protector SCARECROW
Mineral cup — one dropped by academic before end of ceremony CHALCEDONY
Old emmet’s nice mess absorbed ANCIENT
Part of roof covering spaces that may be stretched TENSILE
Plant nothing in drink ALOE
Reliable sort of music ROCK
See 25 BATOR
Socialist supporter securing a British isle FABIAN
Sound of instrument gives sign SYMBOL
Strip joints given time DIVEST
Stupid stories about journalist’s headmaster DUMBLEDORE
Supreme general OVERALL
Things discharged from cortege, startlingly EGESTA
Tough composer endlessly set in stone RUBBERY