The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,452 – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
Allied with Italian, twice scoffed about leader here CONFEDERATE
Climber’s endless hunger to be among celebs ALPINIST
Device that sucks up a drink CAVA
Dispensing with clothing, avow gods root for cult VOODOO
Does one run away? I’m not sure about run ELOPER
Drops bags for one to recover REGAIN
Enjoy capturing knight in Paris, who is to surrender RELINQUISH
Failure to recall men deployed in the East AMNESIA
Frame opening demand of horrid letter RACKRENT
Game to have a couple of drinks? That’s surprising GINRUMMY
Hack lies with part in column PILASTER
Is he a pain in the neck? RICK
Leader no longer touring round country CAMEROON
Clues Answers
Make gloomy record on the period we live in DISCOURAGE
Marshal competitors needing to strip off TITO
Old artefact broken by boozer in China, say REPUBLIC
One launching projectiles knocked over player in the slips BLUNDERBUSS
Over sixteen letters ATOP
Raves where ecstasy’s dropped by an underground warrior PARTISAN
Repressed writer to behave like a randy animal PENTUP
Setter makes unfair remarks about Irishman, perhaps ISLANDER
Sort of cream pudding, one from Raymond Blanc AFTERSUN
Uncovered part of New York, a holy city HEBRON
Where financiers are still doolally ECSTATIC
Wrong marks doubled in current exam IMMORAL
£51 in cash LIQUID

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