The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,454 – Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
‘Almost clean’ Brexit arranged, that can be delivered EXTRICABLE
A game soldier first to attempt a written defence APOLOGIA
Any child is mad giving pound for a necklace DAISYCHAIN
Audacious League of Nations enterprise originally unsupported ALONE
Barrage’s fluid seal broken FUSILLADE
Bent journalist beyond suspicion HUNCHED
British state’s contribution to continental breakfast? BUTTER
Characteristic craft revolution­ised nameless country TRADEMARK
Charming qualities masking Nutmeg’s ugly looks GRIMACES
Cow with last of clover to chew coming in later THREATEN
Gas, once found, regularly discharged NEON
Get dirty, menacing look after party DISCOLOUR
Grouse when main road’s used the wrong way — playing ball! COMPLIANT
Here at sea might one see son strip off? SUNDECK
Here we go for relief — relief coming up in stages PODIA
Clues Answers
In Montmartre, a joint seldom found UNCOMMON
Is rubbish put back in trunks? TORSI
Minister’s canny, calling in the artillery CURATE
Miserly investment in worthy sculpture, for instance FINEART
Music from Southern religious ceremonies? SPIRITUALS
Painter’s energy always returns GOYA
Punster’s last to cut gag RETCH
Put paid to king, moving bishop not pawn KIBOSH
Rein in twins, those running the enterprise RINGLEADERS
This is oddly coloured CLUE
Top husband in contest getting promotion BEHEAD
What contentious folk often get for seconds? BACKSUP
What Jersey did, presumably, banning English humour MOOD
Whistleblower runs, busy and able to change direction REFRACTIVE
Wild animal with truer colour ULTRAMARINE

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