The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,455 – Mar 13 2018

Clues Answers
Act honourably and skin fruit for Spooner PLAYFAIR
Alcoholic drink is truly an evil RUSTYNAIL
Arachne engulfed by a campfire, accidentally as it first seems PRIMAFACIE
Aunt Georgia oddly lacking internal organs UTERI
British family on island initially imprisoned for skimpy clothing BIKINI
Custom of not returning to collect bones over time TRADITION
Drinker finally ejected from hot and humid local TOPICAL
Exuberance of black cat BOUNCE
Fancy a hundred and thirty days on frozen water? CAPRICE
Fool around with unknown Lilliputian TINY
Foul pole vault leaving Virginia seething POLLUTE
Frank tore after dog in DC DIRECTCURRENT
Fur coat stolen from Merc store ERMINE
Gentleman enquiring about house paint ENAMEL
Grandma’s tent out of bounds for Arctic explorer NANSEN
Clues Answers
I retired, nursing left eye OGLE
Kiddies regularly team up, in theory IDEALLY
Lie about money being short LOLL
Magic words to stir Tory sheep HEYPRESTO
Massive wife, four fifths of a ton WEIGHTY
Places book of vacuous theatrical anecdotes under ‘A’ ATLAS
Playing percussion very fast SUPERSONIC
Puts spikes behind back of Co-op PLACES
Recurrent Gibraltar issue escalating greatly BIGTIME
Seeing quite boring people rowing EYESIGHT
Sentimental drunk wearing Y-fronts inside out and back to front SLUSHY
Starts to open wine after top award BESTOW
Thick-skinned beast, Mr Hyde on rampage after cover-up PACHYDERM
Voicing full agreement PACT

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