The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,456 – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
Bat, maybe, showing hesitation to pursue insect CRICKETER
Big cloud making one under the weather in part of London BILLOW
Broadcast from name-dropping Channel 4 presenter SOWN
Cleaner has everyone locked in entertainment hall BALLROOM
Dodgy operator catching river fish TROUT
Drink tea when meeting doctor MOCHA
Ethical business — or one getting some taken for a ride? FAIRTRADE
Evil vicar’s abused scripture — minister may hear from me CIVILSERVANT
Female, exhausted, see, temptress first off to have emotional experience FALLINLOVE
Good source of energy alternative — fellow briefly giving its description? GEOTHERMAL
Hate in province with rabble rising in the grip of a troublemaker ABOMINATE
Heretic Tories naughtily invading student organisation NESTORIUS
Like English chaps in financial difficulty, in shame DEBASEMENT
Mark’s hat worn by daughter TILDE
Clues Answers
Minister losing head meeting American — one on perilous journey ICARUS
Place for parliamentary beast — slob’s a clue BOLSOVER
Report of competent shepherd ABEL
Roof worker returning with new enthusiasm? RELIT
Slip in the bedroom PILLOWCASE
Small message prohibiting certain headgear BANTAM
Stand in place on island in river DEPUTISE
Start making bread? ROLL
Sweet little boy seen taking the lead SPOTTEDDICK
The fops glide around — can’t go any faster SPEEDOFLIGHT
The second drink ending in disaster LATTER
This place, with the others around it, is heavenly ETHEREAL
Upcoming strike creates difficulty KNOT
What Jacob wrenched from Esau, being the cannier, I fancy INHERITANCE

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