The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,458 – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
Amazing Aldi’s equal for food QUESADILLA
Avoids working with society rejects DISAVOWS
Big name taking British pop group right to US music producer VIBRAHARP
Bribe Johnny Cash PROTECTION
Cash’s part of band? BRASS
Girls with large bums in America LASSES
Go up, ignoring first branch LIMB
Graft in turning around company — advanced without union INOCULATE
Hire cycles and frame EASEL
Instrument from a record hidden at either end? ALPHORN
Key passage on the radio ISLE
Mixing short Cash record — round record? SCORECARD
Note: one takes the late train REHEARSE
Old artist mostly upset AGED
Part of Man in Black stood out, as a collector SHINBONE
Playing seconds from Johnny Cash: Cry! Cry! Cry! ROAR
Popeye’s tip: his can supply contains it? SPINACH
Clues Answers
Provided a hit TV drama — one like this? SOAPOPERA
Radical Winehouse left AMYL
Recorded piece of music has depth NOTED
Releases Father and Son around Spain twice FREES
Ring of Fire’s on a television RESONATE
See 10 Thelead
See 15 MONEY
Sod all CDs interlaced with American and English covers FACADES
Start playing songs for concert ONSET
Took paper again, turning over to reveal a shocker TASER
Tours’ way? Currency brought back RUE
Turned out European heartlessly named girl inside ENSUED
Volume on speaker for siren VAMP
Women, entering to perform main vocal part, avoid work SWING
Work in pieces — big one breaking microphone MOSAIC
Work in which musical? TOPHAT

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