The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,460 – Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
A block picked up is wood BALSA
Assume control of Special K and overeat TAKEOVER
Be sacked — and guillotined? GETTHECHOP
Board wanted to get you on board GANGPLANK
Commend phone function to roam APPROVE
Competitor cannot broadcast about match CONTESTANT
Drivers get through distance that’s unnatural MIRACLE
Excellent performance on course for high-flyer EAGLE
Fragment of Messiah heard, part of a cycle HANDLEBAR
Get a peep inside binder TAPE
Her husband-to-be was a slippery customer CINDERELLA
Housecoat a stone’s throw away? PEBBLEDASH
Less popular time to be on shore, presumably, with boy OFFSEASON
Make one think again REMIND
Melon, rotten fruit LEMON

Clues Answers
Musical would be fine, if shortened OKLAHOMA
No peace till one’s buried HATCHET
Out of spite, start to malign girl MALICE
Players got on, plastered BANDAGED
Precious way to start a letter DEAR
Resolute mob rioting is vexatious TROUBLESOME
Restrained? Cheats appallingly CHASTE
Schoolteacher’s random call? HEADS
Seeking computer technology is inviting trouble ASKINGFORIT
Showing no emotion over divine corpse DEADPAN
Top-level clearance HEADROOM
Tries hard with a cereal HASAGO
Trunk not to be opened roughly ORSO
Very light haircut a bargain? SNIP
Weed, crushed, smells oddly GROUNDSEL

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