The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,461 – Mar 20 2018

Clues Answers
50011001000 deciphered by Private Eye DICK
A liberal in the field ABROAD
At first, you can die horribly from this? CYANIDE
Charge without rupee? FREE
Chronicles of Narnia’s leader Aslan are fantastic ANNALS
Crying out to put elite in jail? Not half! SCREAMING
Dog runs away from miner COLLIE
Drink made from malted barley’s common ingredients? ALE
Drink with singer and guide TEACHER
Driver annoyed Miss Right CABBY
European playing tennis, holds ball to win ace ESTONIAN
Explorer’s post: ‘Lost new vehicle’ COLUMBUS
Fellow drank up endless port and married woman MATRON
Firm covers up unknown American threat HAZARD
Greek character regularly rushed treat NURSE
Husband’s at home, tucked in bed — it’s late BEHIND
Clues Answers
In English court, in Leeds, mostly ELECTED
Irate Dane resigned, partly over song SERENADE
Judge rejected patter as ‘gas’ ARGON
More flamboyant Formula One driver, it is said LOUDER
Officer with prisoner not changing CONSTABLE
Priestly symbol worn by 1 down? CLERICAL
Queen caught pole dancing at Royal Academy CLEOPATRA
Really not joking SERIOUSLY
Review covers up journalist’s reputation CREDIT
Royal unit involved with charge? HENRY
Shopkeeper first out? Look inside FLORIST
Sorry, a criminal makes up prayers ROSARY
Tree house, like on top ASH
Trim facial hair to get attention EAR
Trump, perhaps, 2 clubs over 1 CIC

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