The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,462 – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
Act to hold newspapers down DEPRESSED
After drink, rock group has drugs for another group SUPREMES
Aix exploded atomic device, no question about it AXIOMATIC
Articles about next Greek deity ATHENA
Astonished by one-way fold AWESTRUCK
August: put gold back ROYAL
Boasted about name being made regal CROWNED
Bully with bar on end of rope is a danger to cattle COWBANE
City game after US guy’s comeback CAMBRIDGE
Colouring agent’s no good without positive temperature DYESTUFF
Complaint of Cruel Sea’s debut production ULCERS
Experience flu outbreak that’s not common TASTEFUL
Frank, given space, gets ahead UPFRONT
Growth-restricted marsupial gets tense before jump ROOTBOUND
High spot — of English year, that is EYRIE
Clues Answers
Indication of impact: scattered red dust POWDER
Is a ham put out to carve, son? OVERACTS
Is perversely advanced still SILENT
Minister against electric current saloon? VICAR
Nameless wild flower VIOLET
No way drink is medicine! NOSTRUM
Pornographic old book site OBSCENE
Quite sour, off colour TURQUOISE
Refreshment left for bird TEAL
Stop circling source of Ugandan rivers — it’s bizarre! SURREAL
University representative’s sad song? BLUES
Up to date on focus again RECENTRE
USSR in a mess, following pressure from an older European state PRUSSIAN
Work on engine to remove cocaine traces? DECOKE
Year in prison shade CYAN

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