The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,464 – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
A bit like Snowball, short of energy with running WHIT
An American writer describes brief WI music disaster APOCALYPSE
Call in agent, getting ruffled? FRINGED
Contest opens very tense council SOVIET
Emperor shows his dissent, seizing a stick NAPOLEON
European Union abandoning work worried complex ELABORATE
Fan mail distributed by branch for 7’s 23 across ANIMAL
Fellow member retired during programme COMRADE
Finish off incredible eastern story TALE
Fodder is tossed, then left to mature SILAGE
Handle staff rises by end of June NAME
Heated dry nuts, finally parched, desiccated DEHYDRATED
Hybrid bulbel the Spanish introduced BLUEBELL
Let’s stand back to front LEASE
Munch nosh all up, out eating good pub fare PLOUGHMANSLUNCH
Clues Answers
Obliged school to enrol representative English learners COMPELLED
Officer carried over short distance with soldier COMMANDANT
Old container brought round before getting pig out OVEREAT
Order people filling in survey to start again RECOMMENCE
Popular chestnut fencing timber LARCH
Pound nut holding a large stone PALPITATE
Quietly back complaint in plant PLUMBAGO
Rope in Spanish mare at Ascot boxes REATA
See 20 FARM
Short work made of some material star collected NOVELLA
Statesman, say, circulated paper I submitted GEORGIAN
Suffolk river or its source? ORWELL
Tasteful priest delivered clothing SAPID

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