The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,467 – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
After French bread and jams STICKS
Boatman displaces everyone, starting obliquely and cruelly ABUSIVELY
Boatman’s back with a change of heading — the French in retreat, unchanging ETERNAL
Boy ran out of one type of bread GARY
Bread is torn apart by gull? SEABIRD
Brown bread for the Queen? TOAST
By eating a small loaf with this, one may avoid getting damper BROLLY
Commends review of nurses taking temperature twice ENTRUSTS
Elaborate sequel to Death Wish for now PASSINGFANCY
Fresh white loaf fed the start of bread production FIELDOFWHEAT
Greek character that’s undone embracing Echo THETA
Greek character, a bold man born at odds AGAMEMNON
Handles sliced white, a lady’s WIELDS
Herb we eat with bliss, when cooked SWEETBASIL
Interrupts holiday — that’s wrong BREAKSIN
Clues Answers
Loaf produced by Chinese people burying one HANGAROUND
Looking ahead, is gene changed to give new finish to Irish loaf? FARSEEING
Milled grain for a bloomer, say CORNFLOUR
Nasty review about Beethoven’s Ninth NOTNICE
Quick butcher’s got you turned around, say, and cut open EYEGLANCE
Raised heated note out loud instead HEFTED
Round loaf with wild hazels COBNUTS
Rustic bread ingredient specified in letters SPELT
Soft bread, when legal TENDER
Spooner’s rascal ran off, getting damper in Australia? FLATBREAD
Substitute rum, the central element in hot toddy DODUTY
Surge observed in chapati — delicious! TIDE
They’re often seen swimming as a pair in a pool DUCKS
Trim a slice of bread or naan ADORN
Woman puts crust of loaf on place in cupboard SHELF

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