The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,468 – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
African in evening wear and I attack Scot DJIBOUTIAN
Annoyingly, criminal stole my investing money abroad TROUBLESOMELY
Assistant with navy, one of many on board PAWN
Assurance from a doctor about pallor in odd places APLOMB
Big star back to bowl a slow delivery DRAWL
Bird eats hot dog, possibly uncertain TOUCHANDGO
Dawn light caused a shock STARTLED
Deplores what top managers are paid? EXECRATES
Don’t delete this shot’s frame on film STET
Fellow feeling inhibited accepts to lightly touch setter’s back SYMPATHY
Fiddle with glass covering hotel — you can see through it CELLOPHANE
Hedonistic ways of husband, following dainty pair of girls PRIMROSEPATH
Hoping to get a small ratio using integers ASPIRATIONAL
Invalid, incorrect legal document one cuts OUTPATIENT
Clues Answers
Is it driver James or MP Jeremy reported persecution? WITCHHUNT
Key element of air for singer ALTO
Loves entertaining composer, not one to dramatise OVERDO
Muttered furiously, poked by weighty girl with a stick DRUMMAJORETTE
Paul left distraught, making some scoff PLATEFUL
Poet’s lost face, having wagered money ANTE
Religious adversary, not half grotesque ANTIC
Ruler and predecessor of Sun King, one with power SATRAP
See tablets pharmacy’s packaging ESPY
Shot or pass defender’s stifled BACKHANDER
Stick bill on present ADHERE
Unfriendly bird’s way to kick horse, say COLDTURKEY
Warning what a misandrist wants? OMEN
What gambler may do, missing unknown signs PLACARDS

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