The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,469 – Mar 28 2018

Clues Answers
10 caught during escape don’t count EXCLUDE
After fancy exercises, band’s sobbing quietly WHIMPERING
Bond’s partner formerly occupying Students’ Union NEXUS
Brave comic ultimately loses interest in script WITHSTAND
Case supporting idle property owner FREEHOLDER
Charge imposed on a variety of basic commercial vehicles TAXICABS
Cleric appearing on donkey in church causes deep division CREVASSE
Complex seminars not quite hitting the mark NEARMISS
Confirmed nickname for Edward, the ocean sailor? DEEPSEATED
Confused detective hampered by gut reaction INDISTINCT
Course of action at entering pub? PATH
Cut, but not polished, when suggested? ROUGHHEWN
English invading prosperous foreign state REICH
Had a life before wife turned up WERE
Husband’s lacking in flair — a cure-all’s offered PANACEA
Clues Answers
I stray off course in South American mountains SIERRA
It’s said capacious hanky’s needed, if you’re like this RHEUMY
Keels over, having striven in conflict INVERTS
Manufacturer of cars, many with posh interior LOTUS
Particular Democrat isn’t first to yield DAINTY
Person striving to keep motorways in better condition TRIMMER
Recondite manoeuvres protecting two hospital departments in secure housing DETENTIONCENTRE
Remarkably old theologian disheartened laity ODDLY
Sergeant, say, getting up one day full of himself? NONCOM
So close, having swopped ends THUS
Son’s leaving even now to work in field TILL
Tsar’s necessary after turn of century and easily dealt with NOTROUBLE
What’s put out for famous moggy, perhaps on Yorks coast? REDCARPET
White rebel is obliged to guards MUSCADET

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