The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,472 – Apr 1 2018

Clues Answers
African with some spice wrapped in sugar? ALGERIAN
Arab in small car SAUDI
Assume one opens the letters POSIT
Bank’s not entirely free finance REEF
Be unsteady, vital lace coming undone VACILLATE
Brave being involved in a fraud UNAFRAID
Briefly ask advice of diplomat CONSUL
Change dress for hours of work SHIFT
Clear case? UNPACK
Commotion, following American warship FUSS
Does it store things taken off your hands? GLOVEBOX
Dread slithering snake ADDER
Farmer, good man in an argument GROWER
Forcing to break ice cover COERCIVE
Girl cuts end off trousers JEAN
Horny Scottish supporter UNICORN
I study religious figure ICON
Clues Answers
In a team he doesn’t pull his weight COX
Insect lived quietly WASP
Left in hollow to give birth CALVE
Like some ads to be withheld for security CLASSIFIED
Limit on search for food assumed by soldiers FORAGECAP
Men in game who are easily manipulated PAWNS
Not entirely biased? PARTIAL
Old German received at hospital GOTH
One short of a majority? SEVENTEEN
Open new container of pasta PENNE
Pick up article in valley GLEAN
Relevant program on TV about Blair regularly skipped APPLICABLE
Taking off from sound in this direction BEARING
The first victim? APRILFOOL
Torture alternative: to bargain ORDEAL
Walk ungainly past front of truck for garbage TWADDLE

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