The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,473 – Apr 2 2018

Clues Answers
Agent the Spanish hold off REPEL
Boundaries some defend successfully ENDS
Commander, a bit crazy, is sectioned COMPARTMENTAL
Copper in Essex demolished feeble defences EXCUSES
Criminal damage? Museum gets woefully slim support! VANDALISM
Fabric for belt requires input of skill TARTAN
Fish in burn CHAR
Forceful and disagreeable when imprisoning taxmen once VIRILE
Frank individuals producing subtle innuendoes OVERTONES
Gasp like a man in gym PANT
Go over and scrape it off PRACTISE
High spirits leading to broken toenail ELATION
Lesson master put into speech MORAL
Moral taint engulfs sinister despot STALIN
Multitudes sign to have spymaster imprisoned ARMIES
Clues Answers
Native boy appears in distress TRIBAL
Object to vermin carrying decay PROTEST
Old relationship Ruby brought to an end EXPIRED
One man begged to be moved IMPRESSED
Parking by the verge is proper PRIM
Ploughman makes lines in row TILLER
Present and organise race DONATION
Put pressure on one involved in a row STROKE
Renown for coppers capturing errant minor PROMINENCE
Restrain Paddy TEMPER
Sceptic engaged in armed robbery? ATHEIST
Weird game title I authorised LEGITIMATE
Withdraw soldier’s entertainment RETREAT
Workman’s first wife died in supermarket STEVEDORE

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