The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,475 – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
Badger king’s lacking coil-shaped vegetable BROCCOLI
Church members’ ways are about its conversion METHODISTS
Cried out: ‘Potassium in drink!’ CIDERKIN
Curios once associated with ears (advanced) EXOTICA
Dries out properties that are distressing to be in DIRE
Drug user represented by a police chief ACID
Dual power priest involved in version of Buddhism that was full of gas ZEPPELIN
Exercises, that’s the thing between drinks! SITUPS
Guided element of a type of display LED
Inner Greenland is in her itinerary, being cut off DISINHERIT
It shows drug’s ‘up’ times SEX
Italicised ‘twirls’ not practical IDEALISTIC
Left beside a large, imposing gate PORTAL
Major organisation, with Zambia in fore, oddly reacted to global warming? UNFROZE
Medium, right before ‘goodbye’ cut off RADIO
Clues Answers
Old composer’s lark given voice? BYRD
Place in natural shade PURPLE
Political supporter’s note secured in advance COMMIE
Produced a tinkle, inverted and low DEEP
Run one of the film crowd EXTRA
See 10 HEAD
See 26 across STRAITS
Shakespearean character’s pieces PISTOLS
The young Thatcher’s terrible means of punishment? IRON
To encourage old men, be dishevelled! EMBOLDEN
Uncontrolled movement in tempered steel nut TESTICLE
Understand about the month having turned, so withdraw SECEDE
Unseen decision-maker’s habit: getting drunk Earl to join clubs, maybe? GREYSUIT
Unvarnished truth that prairie dwellers need to be aware of? PLAINFACTS

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