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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,476 – Apr 5 2018

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Clues Answers
50 + 0 + 5 + ΒΌ = 0? LOVE
Abbot’s put on posh new shirt to remove ties UNTRUSS
At the end, Number 10 mislead Britain with spirit CONBRIO
Awkward size OK for sumo wrestlers? OZEKIS
Burning petrol joins up to produce power JETPROPULSION
Competition rising in cost? Never! EVENT
Dared to tremble with fear DREAD
Daughter’s into grooming over time, keeping up appearances PRETENDING
Decipher pointless meaning of puzzle ENIGMA
Embrace internet 16? ESPOUSE
F or M, like Marilyn Monroe? SEXSYMBOL
Football team in nasty ground winning first game NYGIANTS
In ancient times, say, raised flower BUTTERCUP
Inner Hebrides partner BRIDE
Mark’s drumbeat TATTOO
Clues Answers
Maybe in the future Arsenal condemns Sun after Gary’s hacked RAYGUNS
Normally left Australia and America going west ASUSUAL
Office workers found to be tipsy, swooning over good man TYPISTS
Old car, since exterior lost in jam PRINCESS
Old fashioned mister exchanged letters underground RETRO
Prat stumbles over low bar TAPROOM
Produced positives and negatives when treated as a celebrity, going topless? IONISED
Published paper retires girl over nothing? Inconceivable! OUTRAGEOUS
Shakespearean doctor’s credo: bury sick BODYCURER
Smelly old dog ran to ex, shaking every tail? ODORATE
Spring day weather returns with southern Europeans SPANIARDS
Steal about 1p’s worth PIRATE
Torture’s not even legitimate TRUE
Welsh 24 has criminal brothers, except Henry ROBERTS