The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,478 – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
Multi-faceted dons exercise and do legal work PROSECUTE
Actor representing genuine class ALECGUINNESS
Adolescent’s first kiss touching a bit of a nerve AXON
Amicably finish with girl after 24 hours FRIENDLILY
Arachne cries, seized by desire for surge of naughtiness CRIMEWAVE
Blue-eyed boy’s rebellious action STEP
Buxom little Maureen’s turning into lad BOSOMY
Conclusion of movie, Three Kings, skirting over inaccuracy ERROR
Curse love, a source of troubled hearts OATH
Did butterfly, perhaps, lead to illumination for mystic? SWAMI
Expand section of integral network retrospectively ENLARGE
Grasses break up topsoil at last, taking ages STOOLPIGEONS
I hoard bananas in beehive, perhaps HAIRDO
Kitty finally got fit in leisure facility POOLTABLE
Massive column with rope around COLOSSAL
Clues Answers
Mescal made skipping maidens go up the wall ESCALADE
More open as a poker player? BLUFFER
Mum and daughter collect underwear I dropped and put it on MALINGERED
One helping Turkey and half of Uzbekistan start to thrive ASSISTANT
Ready for service, nuns gam­bolled every now and then USABLE
Regret eating extremely purgative Indian bread RUPEE
Roots of St Ignatius Loyola, soldier and absolutist TSAR
Scotsman’s armpit bitten by fox terrier OXTER
Stay with the wretched Daniel, say PROPHET
Stroke heads of beagles eagerly advancing in anticipation BEFOREHAND
The Spanish shunning sex and food RATIONS
They are frequent visitors, but he is a vagrant HABITUES
Very French attempt to seduce is wrong, legally TRESPASS
Worships alto and soprano after quarter of an octave ADORES
Yankee puts on silly voice, regardless of what happens INANYEVENT

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