The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,480 – Apr 10 2018

Clues Answers
A boring dim person interested in being a scientist PALAEONTOLIGIST
Belief in crusade is misplaced DEISM
Climax that’s close, if in posh hot pants PHOTOFINISH
Current ebbing for a change EDIT
Daughter admitted to knowing online programs ADWARE
During onset of violence, agreed to be called up INVOKED
Female left male lover carrying a torch FLAMBEAU
Happen to find terrapins at sea TRANSPIRE
Heroin imported by organised crime, a monstrous thing CHIMERA
It could be Mailer’s approach to literature REALISM
Land bordering northern cove GENT
Love fish, eating best marine creature OCTOPOD
Low walls queen knocked over in burial place PYRAMID
Make impure drug, cutting what mature people pay ADULTERATE
Clues Answers
Maybe Irishman gathering lily in bower CELLIST
Misery, as loot gets left SPOILSPORT
Not a sound president backing Arabian kingdom SHEBA
Notice short fascist’s allure SEDUCE
Number that’s square, like four or sixteen SEVEN
Overseer of colony’s alarmed cry, breaking pager BEEKEEPER
Perhaps, like Napoleon, avoiding a risk IMPERIL
Sell fruit outside of Dieppe for everyone TOUTLEMONDE
Spooner’s to install curtain? It’s a potential danger PITFALL
Streams of people arriving like baby Moses? INRUSHES
Suppose it’s round and long OPINE
Tense and feeble, like the rural upper classes? TWEEDY
What physio may use to kill yak making ascent ICEBAG
Working man’s marched like an emblem of his kind? HAMMERANDSICKLE

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