The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,481 – Apr 11 2018

Clues Answers
According to judges, sons are not consanguineous INLAWS
Appear vaguely in room, where one goes mad unnoticed LOOM
Bawdy author’s first mob, so to speak RABELAIS
Be proud of rhubarb that Mrs Grundy’s bottled PROTRUDE
Be undecided about one claim forgone WAIVER
Church oversees exam for singers CHORAL
European misses out on a new beginning GERM
Flowers return, fed with nitrogen, I detect SENSOR
For delivery to a force to be reckoned with CAREOF
He led miners from cliff to ravine SCARGILL
Huge old quantity halved in a sort of arithmetic MONUMENTAL
I have no leisure — almost behind, for example, in verse IAMBUS
I make careless mistake in feeble poem, after change of heart PALINODE
In predicament, fight with energy SCRAPE
Clues Answers
Keeping wife and Jack working, makes index DOWJONES
Kind of kitten or cat, one included in bill ATOMIC
King cobra kills every other Russian IGOR
Lied about being unemployed IDLE
More than one firm Tory type rejecting Heath from tedium CONSORTIUM
Part of Atlantic’s valuable reserve that’s not yet exploited VIRGINSOIL
Pen a note: check boxes measuring small dimensions NANOTECH
Some roofs are abused SLATED
Sympathised with one sort of public house under pressure PITIED
Top-class con man? SUPERDUPER
Two blokes meeting pedlar CHAPMAN
Very inaccurate shot (where one saw it coming?) AMILEOFF
Vineyard Frenchwoman runs with less compassion CRUELLER
What is in Washington? Start to explore and gape DEHISCE

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