The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,485 – Apr 16 2018

Clues Answers
‘Pole lifted stolen goods’ — that’s an informer STOOLIE
26 perhaps the result of acid attack on hotshot in California CRUSTACEA
After a dispute, subdue with sweetener ASPARTAME
Call to stop lying in new hoax WHOA
Criminal boss — the first one died violently BADDIE
Criminal libel: ‘US thugs’ BULLIES
Deal with body of crime writer HANDLE
Detective on racket: ‘It’s fishy’ SCAMPI
Eat into racket with threats at its core DINE
Examine local yokels — to put through the wringer LOOKCLOSELYAT
Fight roughly, getting head knocked off BOUT
Fixed charge for flycatcher FLATBILL
Gang gets time over botched raid TRIAD
Gang joined by Italian-American stripper? MOBIUS
Helping or turning back detective taken in by this criminal racket PROTECTION
Clues Answers
Here in Ohio, crime reported twice (returning thanks, Boatman) CINCINNATI
Hunters, winging it in battered deerstalkers, dare to go out KESTRELS
If man performs evil acts, charge him — leaders included IMPEACH
Menacing suggestion: loser beaten up with rifle butt ORELSE
Not exactly The Big Sleep, taking DNA in abduction case KIDNAP
Of late, wrong to demand with menaces EXTORT
Part of gun detective loses points to a Scandinavian location STOCKHOLM
Prohibition: having three in charge INTERDICT
Recite Farewell, My Lovely from memory BYHEART
Sarcasm not unknown as a weapon in the US IRON
Tomorrow, exchange money for Bahamas’ foremost fruit BANANA
Tough guy who investigated more lawbreaking MARLOWE
US lawman conceals memory of tragedy? DRAMA
Where organised crime penetrated society that rejected drink AMERICA

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