The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,486 – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
A second attempt to describe unusual moon in science ASTRONOMY
About to settle or break up? RESOLVE
Bit of food — bit eaten by Christian soldiers repeatedly SAMOSA
Caught by cameras, callous rogue RASCAL
Cut up? Hard to show gaiety MIRTH
Dog in item of luggage, hot rather than cold HARRIER
Editor-in-chief drank excessively TOPED
Firm Madame leading heritage organisation evokes criticism? COMMENT
Fool is left drowned in drink MISLEAD
Good person with halo maybe in train STRING
Grasses grow upwards, as you might say RYES
Heart shown with initial change of sex — tricky operation FIDDLE
Home with red exterior? Blow me! CLARINET
Homework pages — school subject to be absorbed PREP
Lady, not totally square, wanting bit of adventure NINA
Clues Answers
Liberal bod upset by this sexist toy? BARBIEDOLL
Like an academic discourteous about computers etc? See about that ERUDITELY
Makes audacious gesture in front of vehicle, being insane MOONSTRUCK
Most floury food is situated to be eaten MEALIEST
Order complied with, note having been sent back METHOD
President not acceptable to top people, strangling a party BASH
Row’s beginning to interrupt quiet book? Damnation! PERDITION
Soldiers of African country imprisoned in country? That’s becoming standard NORMALISATION
Songs terribly sad after dance BALLADS
Suitable publicity precedes short musical entertainment PROPER
Trainee as part of a performing act in the auditorium INTERN
Using sophisticated kit, there’s snag about energy HITECH
Vehicle is a heap — pity that can’t take me RICKSHA
Writer interrupting the German reporter DESCRIBER

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