The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,487 – Apr 18 2018

Clues Answers
Agent of retribution, English, lying in state AVENGER
All of us sniff a new career HUMANRACE
Ambassador and bishop’s address in 20 HERR
American ready to separate opposing sides in port ARCHANGEL
Articles about wearing suit in camp THEATRICAL
Carpeted stable dam wrecked LAMBASTED
Centre Point’s fine old state FOCAL
Clear fingerprint impressed into actual tablet READABLE
Clubs and diamonds run out for consul CICERO
College on lookout to host large assembly CONCLAVE
Decide moves after Woman’s Own’s first brave feat HEROICDEED
Educated girl eating a yogurt dish RAITA
Extra maths problem starts to annoy lazybones ADDITIONAL
Former duck trap that is snaring mallard’s head ONETIME
I love tackling journal’s final stage of development IMAGO
Clues Answers
Innocent, maybe: a thousand and eleven fled Pompeii POPE
Journos, gathering in loose ends, raise them in anger HACKLES
Landowner doesn’t finish hideout LAIR
Latin repetition not working for bookworms LITERATI
Not how Ko-Ko operates, lacking spirit LISTLESSLY
Note silence among ladies in bygone times LONGAGO
Port given permission to entertain foreign leader LEFT
Puzzle’s meaning can be decoded without a name ENIGMA
Rule for each individual framed by one parent IMPERIUM
Saw one in Glasgow filling sink SAYING
Smiley’s group jams here in central London? CAMBRIDGECIRCUS
Song by East End barman is going places fast AIRTRAVEL
State capital needs a good deal to secure province MUNICH
Tin and aluminium locks here CANAL

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