The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,488 – Apr 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Drugs kill’ bar ESTOP
Acting penfriend has no measure of dismay APPAL
Aged female impersonator reverses tide to pat tomcat BIGBADWOLF
Book scan reveals money BREAD
Case of drink (oil of rum) PORTFOLIO
Casual piece — watch? PARTTIMER
Colourful climber throws tantrums crossing icy Ural peaks NASTURTIUM
Discovering it sends homeowner up the wall RISING
Dish of pork topping and gold hog’s back PORRIDGE
First two of irritating Pogues’ wayward followers GROUPIES
Fit a line to break the involuntary response ATHLETIC
Getting a partner rowing? PULLING
Guardian nursing river country URSUS
Hero cited fanciful four-syllable foot DITROCHEE
Linear DIY assistance that might be quickly withdrawn TAPEMEASURE

Clues Answers
Model imitation houses set boundaries DELIMIT
One who concludes holding company is device to make text unreadable? ENCODER
Penguin’s blueish ruffles breaking up pair? PUBLISHER
Pleasurable indulgence — sexed up element of Jane Austen work? SENSUALITY
Provided the central of this sentence LIFE
Published song by editor on the smaller side OUTNUMBERED
Remembered exactly Dicky having stroke OFFPAT
See 2 DAMP
Sides removed from metal framework channel RILL
Space station with a name MIRANDA
Sweet timid sort welcomes sex MOUSSE
Times cutting report base BOTTOM
United’s a member of football division INLEAGUE
Walked like a confined prisoner in stockinged feet, which prevents self-harm PADDEDCELL
Worthy attempt to use too much GOOD

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