The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,490 – Apr 22 2018

Clues Answers
A king involved in The French Connection LINKAGE
Abrupt changes of direction upset empty vessels UTURNS
At sea, eat no slugs as seafood LANGOUSTES
Baker’s aid is secure after turning on grill ROLLINGPIN
Bird dog? A small pig! CURASSOW
Boat’s destination in song that sounds blue SKYE
Bones in back start to ache STERNA
Cheese for entrées that’s also for starters FETA
Cook is aware of audible college BRASENOSE
FBI agents entertained by Tess playing parts SEGMENTS
Female writing line in smart gear CHICKLIT
Fish getting away from posh speaker? ORFE
Friend beginning to play the fool CHUMP
Fully booked in mid-June and second half of July UNRESERVEDLY
Going on to make entrance without expert INPROGRESS
Clues Answers
Grand filling for soldier’s jacket PARKA
Head examiner is rating cool form CRANIOLOGIST
Horses from stud mostly fed with corn mash BRONCOS
Live comfortably after intro­duction to duchess DWELL
Moderates get revolutionary to swallow arsenic EASES
Month not the first that may be triumphal ARCH
Musical director finally hurried up? That’s the story NARRATIVE
Normal procedure at home, interrupting course ROUTINE
Pottery broken by remote conflict WARFARE
Promise to participate ENGAGE
Remember to pay another visit RECALL
Restful location in which time-wasting matriarch unwound? ARMCHAIR
Taking supporters back with cast SNAFFLING
Team, say, leading in America STATESIDE
Unnecessary words? Not about bear PADDINGTON

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