The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,491 – Apr 23 2018

Clues Answers
Anger may be, but not battery FREERANGE
Change of decision afoot? FLIPFLOP
Containers used without a design for meat pies EMPTIES
Dehumanising, if CIA somehow infiltrates dissent OBJECTIFICATION
Deposits on land ASHORE
Endlessly sexy, this piece is for show EXHIBIT
Entrance in which some light is showing PORTRAYAL
Getting rid of some dire habits REHAB
Halfback lads in rout take valour for humour of sorts LAVATORIAL
Jumps over roofs VAULTS
Knock and Cork possibly have kinship RAPPORT
Late heading to Dover, slips to face EU backlash OVERDUE
Low pay mostly for bread PITTA
Not aware of manifest covering intelligence centre OBLIVIOUS
Clues Answers
People switch political allegiance on Trident FOLK
Plant nonsense in power hub arbitration RHUBARB
Political alliance rejected cola’s follower? BLOC
Seats from this property FIXEDASSET
Secret of gin and tonic? Mix with love INCOGNITO
Sergeant may be led by lover in dance FLAMENCO
Shape of nothing and nothingness OVOID
Shell colours SHADES
Skirt edge raised to see it THIGH
Surprisingly agile in very loud minimal clothing FIGLEAF
The best manna? GODSGIFT
This book belongs to teacher, up supporting LibDem now, presumably EXLIBRIS
Transplant donor pool — my free way to a quick buck MONEYFOROLDROPE
Updike’s quartet talk RABBIT

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