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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,494 – Apr 26 2018

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Clues Answers
A great stop! AVAST
Bird, yak or rabbit? CHAT
Boob squeezed by rank dog TERRIER
Bully almost used, oddly, to be the perfect friend? SOULMATE
Bung dog round back of kennel PLUG
Chihuahua, for example, a little Mexican in effect CANINE
Describe nets that, if crossing, unravel initially, as netted RETICULATE
Dog beginning to kick hen with loud barking ELKHOUND
Dog in front, I’m impressed! BOWWOW
Dog’s dinner? CHOW
Entrance, dog kennels each way BEWITCH
Extreme force set to work, filling hole on roof of office GESTAPO
Facial mark: poodle has to live without it BLACKEYE
Finance company with plentiful supplies and many miles to travel WELLSFARGO
Clues Answers
Has sanction a new form? CONTAINS
Husky gets to bark around tree CROAKY
John, with devout belief, renouncing it for a rough scrubber LOOFAH
Loathe how much some directors get paid? EXECRATE
Male pointer finds tasty bit of bone MARROW
Man in fleece I pass for a retriever? PIECE
Medic, American, on senior programme DOCUSOAP
Modern life’s ending in Belgian prison? SPACEAGE
Pat possibly good on horse DUNG
Peach lieutenant put in drink BELTER
Pravda’s leader: revolutionary newspaper in surprisingly moral stand PLATFORM
Say whippet dogs all in traps right, that’s on the money! DOLLARSIGN
Talk about an obsequious devotee! SPANIEL
With half-scrubbed cleaner recycling bottles left for bottle bank? WINECELLAR