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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,497 – Apr 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Again Emperor’s given order — Congress won’t be restricted by it OPENMARRIAGE
Become annoyingly amorous — we object going: ‘ ______ “ GETAROOM
Best saying 12 at start? That’s unexpected! BYGEORGE
Blasted cat’s bitten tot — that’s upsetting GODDAM
Criminal’s old mate wrong — 10 isn’t being clobbered EXTORTIONIST
Criticise cold wine scandal? CASTIGATE
Cross, tense and nearly going nuts TIGON
Director Nick has succeeded in style, but not content SCORSESE
Eager to fight Rod and Henry in turn GUNGHO
Eat in low spirits, extremely low spirits MOODINESS
Flash Gordon, flyer DRONGO
Found in Waterstone’s, the right book ESTHER
Hard cash? Yes and no FOLDINGMONEY
Has new single out — it’s dirty UNWASHED
Clues Answers
In replay, clatters dopy old wingers Pterodactyls
Juicy piece of news — time it proved effective TITBIT
Made a mistake — came clean after changing gender MESSEDUP
Narrator describes sport he wants you to join RECRUITER
Nervous performing at the Fringe? ONEDGE
On top of one time beauty — she’s fascinating HOURI
Open Dad’s wine PATENT
Plan succeeded with huge cutting back STRATAGEM
Politicians here — most are reportedly not Labour STORMONT
Removed Dexter, retired hurt DETACHED
Singer’s keeping last of home comforts CHEERS
Stop working in centre of Beaune — I’m getting outta here! ADIEU
Sweetheart’s a joy — short but a really good looker EAGLEEYE
Writer’s book is out around second half of the month IBSEN