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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,500 – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Aggressive, any fierce criminal INYERFACE
Asian couple is talked about THAI
Bit of fish seen without tail, might a cat have followed him? GILLESPIE
Check in books for runner OVETT
Devil eggs in audition for restaurant? BISTRO
Dog kennels re-home strays, those all welcome THEMORE
Energy invested in design of a logo, shape of a tube OESOPHAGEAL
Experienced woman taking £800? GRAN
Forward movement not entirely substandard, guru admits SCRUMMAGE
French department eroding and ignored, unfortunately GIRONDE
Getting into part, I’m embracing challenge most profoundly — and so I should! FILMACTOR
Having bandaged bad cut, sign people operating well? OILMEN
Ignored port that’s old-fashioned? PASSEDOVER
Inspector of property (ours very unreliable) SURVEYOR
Literary group gets stressed reading aloud? PHRASE
Clues Answers
Look up, one way or the other REFER
Old sport, through which one might join the action, did you say? BATTLEDORE
One leg in the air, donning knickers in public places SHOPPING
Phosphorus, maybe a bit PARTICLE
Picnicker, by the sound of it? ARTTHIEF
Pudding appearing very enticing initially, put on a stone or two? PAVE
Recollection of news about old soldier TROOPER
Red male, little bit lacking in tail TOMATO
Ruin arch, crushing above IMPOVERISH
See 16 MALLS
Seen from behind in portrait, some Roman port OSTIA
Something burning, opening blast rents asunder GASLAMP
Sweetener coating a cake or bar? SOAP
Time required to tour Med, say, relax restriction on leaving home HOUSEARREST