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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,502 – May 6 2018

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Clues Answers
A rhyme for elephant? That’s incomprehensible MUMBOJUMBO
A rolling sea, too ASWELL
Asking is difficult DEMANDING
Careless and sentimental about love, primarily SLOPPY
Complete diplomat excels thus INTACT
Dead, by collapsing here in hospital? DAYBED
First off, makes dirty picture OILS
Flat rate? RENT
Fruit in old kitchen area ORANGE
Haughtily, ladies entering a horse-drawn carriage ALOOFLY
Heavens! The French abuse a speaker HECKLE
My father’s son? I don’t know PASS
No French can admit another European as emperor NAPOLEON
One with obsessive interest about fish TUNA
Order arms, for example, for the military COMMAND
Clues Answers
Part of opera needs quiet first — it’s the law SHARIA
Particular smell in Emilia-Romagna AROMA
People such as this feel OK, surprisingly THELIKESOF
Power behind the throne terrible in emergencies EMINENCEGRISE
Purchase bananas, we hear, but not automatically BYHAND
Regularly drew beer up and feasted REGALED
Scientist’s garment of short, dense hair? LABCOAT
Scott’s hero in Russian garden IVANHOE
Stare goofily, seeing stunner TASER
Suffered possibly painful eruption, by gum! TEETHED
Suits people to curse MENSWEAR
Take back on board RECAPTURE
Target a friend of the family? AUNTSALLY
Very enthusiastic e-bulletin put out EBULLIENT