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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,503 – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
A British duty to arrange garb for streakers? BIRTHDAYSUIT
Ash, possibly, on edges of earthen dish ENTREE
Consent obtained in Beeb, essentially, for protection from glare EYESHADE
Decorum — for devoutness, rector must be involved PROPRIETY
Dickensian plot’s unexpected turn TWIST
Dreadfully sad judge popular on social media HEARTRENDING
Get drunk splitting French wine cask — I’m game! VINGTETUN
Golfer likely to need this accompaniment to fish, fried? CHIPSHOT
Gunners tacitly agree to lift unhealthy gas RADON
Head of oldest and most outlandish prehistoric beast MASTODON
Introduce trendy source of booze — only one left INSTIL
Jam for bear STICK
Making changes in device isn’t encouraged INCENTIVISED
Material traditional in film STOCKINET
Clues Answers
Menial daughter, one booked by Dickens DRUDGE
Monkey on board creating big problems STINKERS
Mullet, say, discovered in fresh air, doomed HAIRDO
No pressure for clemency after PM gets winning margin MAJORITY
Old force guarding province, symbolically described RUNIC
Oscar joins team after a vote for historic mission APOLLOELEVEN
Party guest finds place for a nap beside river DORMOUSE
Pillar where water is drawn from river MAINSTAY
Rising models like to be drawn in suspended animation STASIS
Run through church chasing mole PIERCE
Tiresome magistrates get used to it TRYING
Transport real and imaginary, not one for the birds BUSTARDS
Tree doctors aboard train heading north MIMOSA
With pound coin (new design), reluctant to get minimal cover? LOINCLOTH